“Kim Hye-soo’s brother” Kim Dong-hyun denied the allegation of assaulting his younger sister’s husband, “He tried to hit my pregnant wife”

Amidst the violent assault dispute between him and his brother-in-law A, actor Kim Dong-hyun claimed that A tried to attack his pregnant wife.

On March 15th, SBS Entertainment News reported on the violent assault case of Kim Dong-hyun and his brother-in-law A.

According to reports, Kim Dong-hyun introduced an interior contractor to A, but A complained about the construction. In response, Kim Dong-hyun visited A and assaulted him violently.

In December last year, Kim Dong-hyun was fined 2 million won for causing injuries after hitting A’s head and neck several times.

An investigation into allegations of threatening and housebreaking is underway.

However, Kim Dong-hyun revealed a different position. He denied the threatening allegation and said, “A pushed my mother and tried to hit my wife, who was in the early stage of her pregnancy. It was a violent attack from both sides”.

A explained, “Kim Dong-hyun caused such merciless injuries to me to the point that I lost my mind in front of his mother-in-law who was dissuading him”. He also argued that he has yet to receive an apology. However, Kim Dong-hyun claimed that he already apologized.

Kim Dong-hyun is an actor and the second younger brother of actress Kim Hye-soo. He debuted as an advertising model in 1994 and has appeared in various works, such as “Happy Days”, “Cannot Hate You”, “Syndrome”, “Road No.1”, etc.


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