Kbiz buzzed at the information that the plastic surgery clip of a famous actress was leaked

The plastic surgery clinic where the star performed surgery was blackmailed for 1 billion won.

On December 6th, Top News reported that a video of an actress’s surgery (called C) at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, was leaked. The person who filmed this video was a nurse (A) who worked at the hospital.

The shocking news was published by Top Daily.

The incident occurred in mid-November when A secretly filmed and photographed the process of actress C’s plastic surgery. Because of anesthesia, C did not know she was being filmed. Later, A shared the video with some friends, including her boyfriend (B).

B had the intention of blackmailing the hospital director with a threat: “There was a leaked video of a famous actress having the plastic surgery in this hospital. If you don’t give me 1 billion won, I will post it on the Internet.”

Shortly thereafter, the aesthetic clinic reported the case to the police to investigate the identity of the blackmailer. In late November, boyfriend B was arrested. Currently, the police are considering the cooperation of A and B, and the case will soon be transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

Top Daily said the hospital is a well-known beauty salon in Gangnam with more than 500 employees. It’s called the “Plastic Surgery Center for Celebrities” because many artists have come here to have the surgery done.

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