Kang So Ra transforms into a divorced woman…”No acting charm”

Kang So Ra returned with ENA’s “Can We Be Strangers?”.

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Can We Be Strangers?”, which premiered on Jan 18th, is about the love and growth of divorce lawyers, to whom divorce is easy but separation is difficult. In the drama, Kang So Ra plays Oh Ha Ra, the ex-wife of Goo Eun Beom (Jang Seung Jo) and a star divorce lawyer who is called the goddess of litigation.

Kang So Ra

This is Kang So Ra’s first drama in 6 years since “Revolutionary Love”. After the release of the movie “Secret Zoo” (2020), Kang So Ra married an oriental doctor 8 years older than her that year and gave birth to a daughter the following year. Kang So Ra talked about her comeback after a long time, “I’m more nervous than when I debuted. I was afraid whether I’d be able to do well like before.

It was also a fresh choice to play the role of a divorce woman in the first drama after marriage. Kang So Ra expressed confidence, “Rather, it seems to make me think more deeply about love. Breaking up when you’re lovers and breaking up when you’re already married have different senses of weight. I was able to think more deeply about such things, so I was more immersed.

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The first episode of “Can We Be Strangers?” told the story of Oh Ha Ra and Goo Eun Beom, who got married after dating for 10 years but divorced, reuniting at a law firm. Oh Ha Ra thought they divorced due to Goo Eun Beom’s extramarital affair, but it was implied that there must be a real reason for Goo Eun Beom’s divorce, which raised viewers’ curiosity. Various divorce cases appeared in each episode.

Both the visual harmony and chemistry of the actors are stable, but there was nothing that could catch the eye. Kang So Ra attracted attention with her more mature appearance, but she had no acting charm. Viewers did not feel her energetic charm during “Sunny”.

Kang So Ra

The ratings were only in the early 1% range until episode 3. Even considering that it aired on ENA, the figure is very low. It also did not rank high in OTT rankings. This means that the actors’ topicality is weak.

The most important thing for an actor is acting ability, but the main actor also needs charms to captivate viewers. However, the reality is that the name “Kang So Ra” alone does not generate interest in the work. As an actress in her 15th year of debut, it is time for Kang So Ra’s worries to deepen.

Source: Naver

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