Kang Ji-young (Kara) confessed she sang “Kissing You” by Girls’ Generation for the DSP Entertainment audition 

On the 31st, Cosmopolitan Korea’s the official YouTube channel released a video titled “Heo-Kang sisters battle to take the position of Kara’s maknae – Disband JiYoungJi as it is!?” 

Kara Kang Ji Young
Kara Kang Ji Young

In the released video, Kara members Heo Young-ji and Kang Ji-young took turn to solve quizzes about each other. Particularly, Heo Young-ji was faced with a quiz about Kang Ji-young that asked, “What did JiYoung sing in the Kara audition that freaked out the oldest line?

After hearing the question, Heo Young-ji sang “Kissing You” by SM Entertainment Girls’ Generation and the answer was correct. Heo Young-ji made viewers laugh by saying, “You probably did it all pretty like this again.

In response, Kang Ji-young defended herself, “I didn’t know that was wrong (to sing SM Entertainment songs at DSP Entertainment audition),” and added, “I love you Girls’ Generation.

Previously, when Kang Ji-young appeared on “MMTG – Civilization Express,” she revealed that she was asked to prepare an exciting song and, taking advantage that “Kissing You” by Girls’ Generation was trending at the time, Ji-young performed the song and actually passed the audition. 

Kara Kang Ji Young
Kara Kang Ji Young

Most recently, Kara resumed their group activities by releasing their new song “WHEN I MOVE” to mark the 15th anniversary of their debut.

Sources: wikitree

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