“Even the marketing is Min Hee-jin-ish,” New Jeans’ exclusive app to communicate with fans is here

As soon as New Jeans debuted, they have introduced a dedicated application called “Phoning,” which allows them to communicate with their fans.

CEO Min Hee-jin has been famous for her sensible directing since her time as SM Creative Director. 

The girl group New Jeans, which she is in charge of from 1 to 10, is gaining explosive popularity upon their debut. Their music video exceeded 10 million views in two weeks after its release, and a pop-up store will also be held for the first time for a rookie girl group from August 11th.

It is analyzed that the unique marketing plan played a big role in attracting such great attention. Even before the group’s debut, their official SNS account has been filled with impressive artwork graphics. Their album also has a “New Jeans Bag” version which is reminiscent of the CD player of memories, which successfully differentiated them from other rookies.

On top of that, it is known that New Jeans agency ADOR has even developed an application “Phoning” to communicate with the fandom in earnest. “Phoning” is an independent app for New Jeans only, and the concept is for them to share one cell phone with their fans. If fans press the “Call” button, they will feel like they are actually talking to the members on the phone, and on this “Phoning” app, fans can check out exclusive contents such as daily photos and schedules.

In particular, the app’s message function feels familiar because the members will be having daily conversations like they usually do on Kakaotalk. In addition, if you access, you can choose your favorite member’s character stage costume and dance, and you can experience the moving photo function according to the movement of your phone. 

Although the “Phoning” app has not yet been officially promoted to fans, it is already gaining huge popularity, ranking second on App Store’s social networking chart, so it is expected to bring a new wind to the fandom culture.

Source: wikitree

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