The judge announced the final sentence for a popular idol who has used 90 thousand dollar worth of marijuana, netizens are angry

1 year after being arrested and investigated for using marijuana, this male idol has appeared to join the final appeal court.

1 year ago, Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested by the police for using and buying marijuana through cryptocurrency. According to Ilhoon’s testimony, from 2016 to 2019, this idol along with 7 other people has spent about 100 million won in cryptocurrency to buy marijuana.

At the first court, Seoul Center District Court has sentenced this male idol to 2 year in prison and 133 million won in fine according to the Drugs Control Act. However, Ilhoon has appeal which led to him being sentenced to 2 suspended years, 3 years under surveillance, 40 hours of drug treatment and 120 million won in fine. During 3 years under surveillance, if he is caught using drugs once again, he will be sentenced to 2 years, this time in jail.

Ilhoon BTOB
Ilhoon BTOB
Ilhoon BTOB

This time, Ilhoon seemed to have accept the sentence and expressed that he was ashamed. The court announced the reason his sentence is lowered is that he didn’t commit any selling and disitributing marijuana and only bought for himself to use. Aside from that, Ilhoon has stopped using marijuana, joining a mental treatment session and rehab class online from 2019 Jan. Apart from that, 100 letters asking for a lower sentence from Ilhoon seem to have convinced the judge.
However, many netizens don’t agree with this sentence and voiced out that the judge’s decision is too light. Ilhoon’s real name is Jung Ilhoon, who was born in 1994 and was the main rapper of BTOB which debuted in 2012. After being investagated by the police, this male rapper has left his group.

Ilhoon BTOB


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