Kang Ha-neul Talked About “30 Days” and “Squid Game 2”, “I’m Grateful”

Kang Ha-neul talked about his upcoming movie “30 Days” and Netflix’s original series “Squid Game 2.”

Kang Ha-neul made another big turning point in his filmography by announcing his appearance in “Squid Game 2.”

Kang Ha-neul

In an interview with SpoTV News, the actor said, “I can only tell you that I’m casted to be in the drama. I really want to tell you more, but my mouth doesn’t move as if I’m under a witch’s curse.”

“Squid Game 2 is right for me,” he added, “My upcoming movie ’30 Days’ and drama ‘Squid Game 2’ are no different to me. Of course, ‘Squid Game’ has been a huge success globally and is a great work and I am very grateful to be able to act in it.”

Kang Ha-neul

Finally, Kang Ha-neul said, “It will be released on October 3rd,” on the reason why audiences should choose to watch “30 Days.” “After watching all the fun things that are released during Chuseok, please watch one last movie before you start work,” he replied, raising expectations for the movie.

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