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“Street Man Fighter” YGX DEUKIE received 8 No Respect stickers… Crying as he felt so sorry for members

“Street Man Fighter” battle trailer has been released.

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “SMF”) unveiled the “No Respect – Weak Dance Crew Pointing Battle” ahead of its first broadcast on August 23rd.

Street Man Fighter

The battle trailer released this time showed 8 teams’ participants who faced the inevitable “Weak Dance Crew Pointing Battle”. PRIME KINGZ, which has the world’s No.1 krumper, subdues the momentum with a ruthless onslaught. It is expected that other teams, who are nervous about PRIME KINGZ’s movements, will be depicted, such as “How can we beat PRIME KINGZ?” On the other hand, MBITIOUS Noh Tae-hyun challenges with a confident attitude, “No one of PRIME KINGZ scares me, though.” He points out krump champion and PRIME KINGZ’s leader TRIZ as his No Respect opponent. It adds to the curiosity of what the outcome will be in this battle.

Street Man Fighter

Also shunned by many dancers as a project dance crew’s member, MBITIOUS’ leader 5000 comforts his team members and participates in the return match himself. With the burden of properly proving his skills and imprinting his team’s presence, attention is being paid to whether 5000 will be able to prove that he is the strongest in MBITIOUS. A mental war also seems unavoidable. JUST JERK and WE DEM BOYZ, where famous dancers gather, are the main characters. The atmosphere of the two teams, which had a choreography copy issue in the past, is expected to be hotter than any other battle.

On the other hand, YGX’s leader DEUKIE, who received 8 No Respect stickers, made fans feel sorry for him. Tears of his team members, who did their best in every battle to bring one win, were also captured. Whether YGX’s leader DEUKIE will be able to bring a precious win to the team can be confirmed through the main broadcast at 10:20 PM on August 23rd.

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