Will Jennie – V be forced to admit that they are dating after another photo of them is leaked? 

While BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V turned a blind eye to their dating rumor once again, another photo of a couple believed to be them surfaced.

Recently, a photo of a woman, who appears to be Jennie, taking a mirror photo of V receiving makeup was released online.

The two have already been embroiled in dating rumors after a photo claimed to be of them in a convertible car in Jeju Island spread online in May. As both are top global stars, netizens showed great interest in their rumored relationship. However, as agencies of both sides chose to remain silent, some guessed that it might be a “photoshopped photo“, and the rumor went quiet.

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However, the same rumor is reignited as new photos of the couple continuously appear after three months. On August 24th, a media outlet reported the possibility of a New York date, saying that following V’s departure from New York earlier in the day, BLACKPINK, including Jennie, will also leave for New York the next day. In response, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment drew a line by announcing, “BLACKPINK’s trip to New York is to film the music video for the title song of their second full album.”

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Amid growing suspicions, another photo of the couple was released that night. This time, it is the photo of a couple who look like Jennie and V standing side by side at the entrance of an apartment, looking into the mirror. The inside of the apartment in the photo is similar to the house V has been revealing.

In response, some netizens also mentioned the possibility of these photos being photoshopped, and some raised suspicions that Jennie or V’s private cloud data has been hacked. If it is the latter, fans feared that another photo will be released later.

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On the other hand, both V’s agency Big Hit Music and Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment still haven’t released any official statement. Amid the chaotic situation, V uploaded a short selfie video on his SNS on August 24th, raising attention. Of course, he mentioned nothing about the current rumors.

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