K-netizens react to “SEVENTEEN’s fans are making troubles”

Fans of SEVENTEEN are being criticized for allegedly spreading rumors about Joshua and former MOMOLAND Jane.

On August 18th, a topic titled “SEVENTEEN fans are making trouble” was published on the Korean forum Nate Pann. 

In particular, the author of the topic referred to a previous topic published on August 8th, which was titled “It’s not the first time SEVENTEEN Joshua was caught having a girlfriend”, and accused SEVENTEEN’s fans of spreading rumors among themselves.


Meanwhile, in the August 8th topic, a person who claimed to have fangirl on Joshua in the past stated that “the fans all knew about him dating a certain girl group member in the past”. This led to rumors of former MOMOLAND member Jane having dated SEVENTEEN Joshua in the past. 

However, Jane herself has spoken up about the rumors, clarifying that she has never met Joshua privately, and knows nothing about the claims in the rumors. 

Original post: Nate Pann

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • [+133, -11] The fandom itself is a bit… During HYBE’s “The Game Caterers”, members of fromis_9 cheered on one of the SEVENTEEN members and called him handsome. However, CARATs (fans of SEVENTEEN) had a crazy reaction… I think it’s really tiring to get involved with them…
  • [+96, -10] In the first place, didn’t they terrorized (Joshua’s alleged) girlfriend on her Instagram? I’m not fond of the couple since they deceive fans, but the fans are messing with a girl who hasn’t even dated their idol 
  • [+77, -6] This is legendary… What’s wrong with their fandom?
  • [+74, -8] The girl must be upset. All of a sudden, rumors about her and a guy she doesn’t even know spread on online communities… Why are CARATs being so rude to Joshua’s girlfriend? 
  • [+21, -16] Does it really feel like CARATs did it (spread the rumor)? Are you all crazy? 
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