4 former SM trainees that recently debuted: Beautiful, talented but still ‘eliminated’

Netizens think that they are all idols with beautiful visual but maybe they are not really suitable for SM Entertainment.

Kpop industry is very harsh, but having the chance to debut in the industry is even harsher. Every year, many people become trainees of entertainment companies, but also many trainees have to leave because they are not given the opportunity to debut. If you were a trainee of a Big 3 company like SM Entertainment, having the chance to debut would be like a real ‘survival battle’.

Recently on the Pann forum, there was a post with the title: ‘All of them were SM trainees’ which caught the attention of the readers. Accordingly, the author lists 4 female trainees who are currently members of the recently debuted girl groups (2019 to 2020). And according to the netizens, all 4 of these beautiful girls used to be SM’s trainees but ended up leaving because they did not meet some criteria to debut.

Nana – woo!ah!

Stage name: Nana

Real Name: Kwon Nayeon

Year of birth: 2001

Position: Leader, main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper, visual

Debut with the girl group woo!ah! under NV Entertainment in May 2020.

Wooyeon – woo!ah!

Stage name: Wooyeon

Real Name: Park Jinkyung

Year of birth: 2003

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Debut with the girl group woo!ah! under NV Entertainment in May 2020.

Jihan – Weeekly

Stage name: Jihan

Real Name: Han Jihyo

Year of birth: 2004

Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer

Debut with girl group Weeekly under PlayM Entertainment in June 2020.

Dahyun – Rocket Punch

Stage name: Dahyun

Real Name: Jeong Dahyun

Year of birth: 2005

Position: Vocal, Dancer, Maknae

Debut with girl group Rocket Punch under Woollim Entertainment in August 2019.

After learning about these 4 girls, many people said that all four of them were very beautiful, so they initially caught the eye of SM. However, it is possible that they are not competent enough or lack a unique style to stay with this company. This again made Knets wonder how high SM’s debut standards are when the trainees they eliminated were so pretty and talented. Because these 4 female idols belong to Gen Z – the age that SM can debut with the new girl group after Red Velvet – so the netizens are even more expecting that the trainees that SM is preparing for debut will probably be even more beautiful and more talented.

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