K-netizens react to IVE’s new song “Either Way”

Girl group IVE recently released the song “Either Way” with a music video

On September 25th, IVE introduced their new song “Either Way” through a music video. 

Right after the song was released, a netizen shared their review on Nate Pann, saying “It’s calm and overwhelmingly emotional… I like the song because IVE has never done anything like this before”.

The post aroused keen attention and other netizens also commented about their impressions:

  • I love it so much. IVE just released a song that really matches my feelings right now. I personally think the song is so great… All the songs that IVE has released so far are all my taste
  • It conveys both love and hate… The song is amazing
  • It’s just one of the three title songs, right? I think this is the first time I heard a ballad song with such a sad vibe from IVE. It’s a good song. The atmosphere of the music video is a little sad but I like it
  • It’s good to see the group try various concepts. I think they’ve always tried new things every time from their debut until now. I like all the songs and concepts they released
  • I like the calm melody and the dreamy vibe of this songㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • The song is a little sad and Jang Won-young with bangs is so pretty

Source: Nate Pann

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