Kim Go Eun’s drinking habits in college: slept on the doorstep and typed the wrong password

Actress Kim Go Eun discussed her mindset and revealed anecdotes about her college days in a recent web program. 

On July 28th, a video titled “How to overcome a slump by actress Kim Go Eun” was published on the YouTube channel “Aglory”.

In the video, Kim Go Eun was asked how she overcame her darker times. Regarding this, the actress confessed, “Instead of being work-related, it was personal…I was going through some personal problems, where I had this vague fear of work and meeting new people.” 

Then, Kim Go Eun recalled the time she filmed the movie “Sunset in My Hometown”, adding, “Still, I had to work, so I thought I’ll try to overcome with work. That is why I chose a film with relatively less role, with less burden on my shoulders. And you know how lively the set is with Director Lee Joon Ik. And there’s no retakes as well. Director Lee just goes with the shots, thus (filming) ends quickly.”

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The actress also mentioned her mindset, revealing, “At that time, I was pretty hard on myself. (If I) feel tired, I would tell myself ‘What’s so hard for you?’. So after that (darker times) I’ve become more understanding towards myself, telling myself it’s okay.”

Afterwards, when asked if she is currently more generous to herself to the point of passing out after a drink, Kim Go Eun responded with a laugh, saying, “That’s nothing new”. According to the actress, it’s not a daily thing, but getting drunk is just a thing that happens.

Later on, when asked if she has ever failed to get home after getting drunk, Kim Go Eun answered, “Maybe in college? I would sleep on the doorstep with my hands on the doorknob. Typed in the wrong password into the door lock.”

Then, her grandma would come out and presumably take her inside, the actress said. 

Source: Daum

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