(G)I-DLE proves their full-level power as a 5-member group through their first offline world tour concert

Girl group (G)I-DLE overcame hardships and successfully completed their first face-to-face concert.

(G)I-DLE held their first world tour concert 2022 “(G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [JUST ME (G)I-DLE ] IN SEOUL” at Olympic Hall in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of June 17th.


(G)I-DLE finally held an offline concert and met fans 5 years after their debut in 2018. With the wide musical spectrum that (G)I-DLE has expanded, the girls presented amazing stages. Fans could realize the growth of the members, who have become stronger and more mature after such a hard time in their careers.

Last year, (G)I-DLE went through a sad event in which former member Soo-jin withdrew from the group due to controversy over school bullying. The group was later reformed as a five-member group. Since (G)I-DLE members are really close to each other and have good chemistry, they had no choice but to suffer together amidst Soo-jin’s school bullying controversy.


Since Soo-jin’s withdrawal was decided after a long conflict, it must have been so difficult for the members to avoid criticism. However, the girls united and determined to gain a positive result that proved (G)I-DLE a more perfect combination.

The complete five-member formation was clearly shown at their concert. The stage movements and choreographies that were from their activities with the six-member lineup were all changed and rearranged so that the members and fans would not feel the vacancy, providing a fresh vibe. In addition, the members boasted their great chemistry during the talk time with fans. They even added more fun to the talks with real bickerings.


Above all, the VCR showing the growth of (G)I-DLE members, who said they would overcome their long hiatus and face all the prejudices by shouting to the world ‘I NEVER DIE’, touched fans. From visual member Miyeon, “maknae on top” Shuhua, Minnie with a charming voice, Yuqi with her reverse charm and vocal, to “genius producer” leader Soyeon, five members with five different colors showed their spirit and determination, drawing big applause from fans.

Giving a glimpse of the big picture drawn by (G)I-DLE, the concert that day ended successfully as the charms of (G)I-DLE as a whole group and the presence of each member were all revealed. (G)I-DLE, who showed their confidence and passion for music after overcoming difficult times, clearly proved “This is indeed (G)I-DLE”.


Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE’s first world tour concert in Seoul is held for a total of three days, from June 17th to June 19th. Starting with the shows in Seoul, their world tour will continue in 16 other regions, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Santiago, Mexico City, Monterrey, Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, etc.

Source: Daum

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