K-netizens Comment On RIIZE Wonbin’s Unusual Nose And Chin

A netizen drew keen attention as they shared several pictures of RIIZE’s Wonbin in Nate Pann under the title “Wonbin’s nose and chin are impressive”.

In response, other netizens commented:

– That’s how Wonbin looks. Why do some BRIIZEs criticize him even if you can’t love him?

– I’m sorry… (but he looks very similar to this photo)

– He looks like that even in GIFs, but some people are shielding him with selfies

– His side profile, it’s a legend

– You guys always try to capture weird moments to criticize him… I will look at beautiful pictures only. I can’t upload the GIF here because of the file size but he looks pretty in the content yesterday

Source: Nate Pann

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