NCT to end “infinite expansion”, conclude lineup after NCT Tokyo

It was announced that SM Entertainment’s boy group NCT would end its “infinite expansion” with the debut of the Tokyo team.

On February 24th, SM Entertainment (hereafter referred to as SM) posted a video titled “The era of SM 3.0, Fans Ask and SM Answers” on their official YouTube channel. 

In the video, co-CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Joon can be seen answering to fans of SM artists about the plan to protect their artists and the direction of their activities according to the SM 3.0 plan.


Here, the direction of NCT‘s activities drew attention, as CEO Lee Sung Soo announced that NCT is being planned to end its infinite expansion with the debut of the NCT Tokyo team in 2023.

There will officially be no more member additions, and SM will support the existing members as much as possible, one team at a time, the CEO said, promising that NCT can engage in much more diverse activities than currently. 


On the other hand, NCT is a boy group introduced in January 2016 by Lee Soo Man, who was then SM’s general producer, at a presentation show.

Regarding NCT, which stands for “Neo Culture Technology”, Lee Soo Man explained, “It is a new concept team based in major cities around the world, carrying out local activities as well as mutual cooperation activities together.”

The core keywords of NCT are “infinite openness” and “infinite expansion”. According, the group is characterized by infinite recruiting of new members and activities in various lineups in each city.

Since their debut in 2016, NCT has been actively recruiting new members and currently has 23 members. Now, NCT will end its infinite expansion with the debut of NCT Tokyo, an NCT team based in Tokyo, Japan, which is set to appear within the year. 

Source: Insight

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