The stalker who harassed Nayeon (TWICE) announced that he would return to Korea and find Nayeon

Surely the fan community of TWICE, ONCEs, is no stranger to the name Josh1994. This man is a German sasaeng fan. He has started his perverted behavior towards the female idol since the end of 2019. This man, after a while back in Germany, is planning to return to Korea to harass Nayeon again.


On September 18, 2019, this stalker posted a video on YouTube with the content that he would book a plane from Germany to Korea to meet his “dream lover”. Under the description of the video, he wrote: “@NAYEON PLEASE CHECK YOUR MOTHERS INSTAGRAM. I’m Josh. I’ll visit at the start of October! I already booked everything, see you in around 2 weeks, I love you!”.

Immediately after receiving feedback from a series of fans on this issue, JYP immediately took action to protect their idol. After more than 3 months of persistently stalking Nayeon, he repeatedly went to the headquarters of JYP Entertainment and even published Chaeyoung‘s phone number, causing the female idol to be in a lot of trouble. JYP and TWICE then filed a lawsuit against Josh at the Seoul Central District Court and the Korean Residence Department.


However, after his family and personal were simultaneously attacked by the ONCEs community, he had to officially apologize: “Now everyone is threatening my family and friends. Can someone give I apologized to Chaeyoung and begged her to delete her Instagram post? I don’t want to bother anybody. You know there are a lot of fans threatening and hurting me right now. It’s not fair. Do you know how I feel about this wave of hate? Why are you doing this? I don’t mean to bother you. Please think for me just a bit.”

In March 2020, it was Nayeon who filed an application with the Seoul Central District Court yesterday asking for the Seoul Central District Court to have the ban lifted for Josh1994. JYP Entertainment has confirmed the above information to be true and affirmed that it will tighten the security team to protect the female idol from the danger stalker:

“This ban is part of a civil case, but due to problems in the process, we intend to remove it. If the stalker enters again, we will continue to ban it. Because he impended our business, the company will not withdraw the charges. When this person returns, immigration authorities will contact the police again and he will be taken to Incheon Airport immediately.”ơ


He then posted a video to send a final letter to Nayeon before returning to Germany and promising never to return to Korea.

However, we should never believe the promises of a psychopath with problems and severe perversions like him. Just yesterday, this guy posted a video on YouTube with the content that he was waiting for the Covid-19 test results so he could return to Korea and meet Nayeon soon.

Currently, the ONCEs community is calling on everyone to send an email to JYP Entertainment asking the company to strengthen measures to protect Nayeon and prevent this Josh name from returning to Korea with the following content:

Title: [TWICE] Protect Nayeon

Email content: “Nayeon stalker are planning to return to Korea in a few weeks. Please protect Nayeon.”

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