Negative Reactions in Korea to “The Little Mermaid” Live-Action Are Growing

“The Little Mermaid” in Korea is receiving a mixed response, with initial ratings and viewer feedback being negative.

The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” has made its debut in Korea, but the film seems to have sparked a range of mixed reactions among viewers. Despite drawing a significant number of viewers and securing the second position at the box office on its opening day, the initial ratings and critical feedback have left much to be desired.


On its first release day, May 25th, “The Little Mermaid” managed to attract an impressive 47,624 viewers. However, the film’s initial rating of only 1.96 points raised concerns among fans and critics alike. It seemed that the enchantment of the beloved Disney tale failed to resonate with the Korean audience right from the start.

Over the following days, the film’s rating experienced a slight increase, reaching 6.59 points by May 30th. Despite this upward trend, the majority of comments surrounding the film remained predominantly negative. 

Korean viewers expressed their disappointment, with sentiments like “I can’t stand it” and “This is not the Ariel I know.” Even some positive remarks applauding Halle Bailey’s performance received a significant number of downvotes.


In terms of critical evaluation, “The Little Mermaid” received a rather average score of 75% on CGV Golden. Comments left by moviegoers further echoed this lukewarm reception, with remarks such as “Disney’s adaptation is truly empty,” “I don’t understand why they made it a live-action,” and “Children started crying and ran out of the theater midway.”

A growing boycott movement against “The Little Mermaid” has gained traction on the community platfrom Oxopolitics. Out of the 358 respondents in a recent survey titled “What do you think about the growing boycott movement against ‘The Little Mermaid’?“, 64% expressed their indifference, stating they “don’t see any issue” with boycotting the film. Conversely, only 22% opposed the boycott, showing a significant division among audiences.

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