More new images of BLACKPINK Jennie and Rosé revealed, attracting the attention of netizens

Despite the mask, Jennie – Rosé (BLACKPINK) are still stunningly beautiful.

Last week, BLACKPINK Jennie and Rosé caused a social media explosion when they suddenly appeared in L.A, USA. After that, YG confirmed that 2 idols came to America to work on music that made people feverish.

The 2 YG girls also constantly appear with friends who are famous artists and hot girls. The latest image of Jennie and Rosé appearing on Instagram of famous DJ sisters Simi & Haze caused fans to go crazy. BLACKPINK members also have extremely unique sesame color makeup, causing fever throughout the social network. Jennie – Rosé are still stunningly beautiful despite the masks covering their faces. The brand new bangs also make Jennie look edgier and it’s been a long time before fans have seen Jennie with bangs like that.

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Thanks to her striking pink makeup eyes, Jennie and Rosé remained incredibly beautiful and stood out despite wearing tight face masks.Jennie also fascinated fans when her short bangs raised her visual level
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Blackpink Jennie 15024154231
Earlier, Jennie also attracted attention with her nude makeup tone but still freaking pretty

Source: K14

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