GOT7 Park Jin Young: “Will enlist next year, may shed a tear but because all men gotta go…”

GOT7 member and actor Park Jin Young (28) expressed his feelings ahead of his military enlistment next year.

Park Jin Young joined an interview with MyDaily on the afternoon of December 2nd ahead of the release of “Christmas Carol” on Dec 7th.

GOT7 Jinyoung

In the interview, Park Jin Young said, “I’m about to join the military next year, and I’m also nervous. But I think I should just go comfortably because all men have to go. Because we must fulfill our duty of national defense,” he said calmly.

He added, “I may shed a tear at home when it’s time to go, but it’s still okay.”

GOT7 Jinyoung

Park Jin Young will turn 30 in Korean age next year. Asked about his thoughts on this, he said, “I’m a little conscious of my age. I think I’m still immature, but when I turn 30, I feel like I have to act like an adult. On the other hand, I also have expectations that I will be able to meet new characters suitable for me in my 30s.”

Meanwhile, “Christmas Carol” is an action thriller in which Il Woo, who entered the juvenile detention center for revenge after his twin brother Wol Woo (both played by Park Jin Young), dies, confronts the gang of the juvenile detention.

Source: MyDaily

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