JYP’s global girl group project “A2K” gains huge attention and approaches 30 million views ahead of final showcase

JYP’s “A2K” project conducted a personality evaluation before the final LA Bootcamp Showcase mission performances. 

Episode 11 of JYP’s global girl group launching project “A2K (America2Korea)”, which was released on JYP’s official channel at 10 a.m. on August 18th, unveiled the personality evaluation following the evaluation of essential star quality, dance, and vocal. Prior to this, 11 trainees were divided into three teams for the LA Bootcamp Showcase to win stones through performances.


Team A consists of KG, Christina, and Camila, three members who have all won three stones so far. Leader Camila boasted about her team, saying “Our team can dance, sing, and rap”. Team A would sing “Be My Baby” by Wonder Girls. 

Led by Kendall, Team B is joined by Kaylee, Savanna and Mischa. Kendall shared, “We’re very close to each other, so I think we’ll be able to help each other a lot and get good results”. Their mission song was ITZY’s “WANNABE”. 

Team C is led by Melissa, who ranked No.1 in the star quality evaluation. Other team members are Yuna, Lexus and Gina. TWICE’s “The Feels” would be the song Team C performed at the showcase. Melissa confessed, “We will show you our own swag”.


Before the showcase, JYP’s CEO Park Jin Young announced the personality evaluation, saying “We need to assess your attitudes and personalities to select members who will become K-pop stars. The life of a K-pop star is similar to that of an Olympic athlete, so we need to carefully examine qualities, such as dedication, concentration, determination and self-discipline”.

The personality evaluation was conducted based on three criteria, including an in-depth interview, trainer vote, and fellow trainee vote. In particular Jeff Benjamin, a famous journalist who knows about the K-pop phenomenon and JYP artists, such as TWICE, Stray Kids, and ITZY, very well, joined the program to assist Park Jin Young in the first round. 


The trainees then participated in a face-to-face interview with Park Jin Young and Jeff Benjamin and talked about their passion and dream of becoming K-pop idols. Some even surprised the two judges with their answers.

“A2K” is a grand collaboration project between K-pop representative agency JYP and Replublic Records, Universal Music’s label and the No.1 US music label selected by Billboard. Their goal is to introduce a global girl group in North America with the K-pop training system. Receiving huge attention and support from viewers, the program has exceeded 27 million views after airing 11 episodes.

“A2K” releases new episodes through JYP’s official channel every Tuesday and Friday at 11 a.m. 

Source: Daum

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