The reason Jang Won Young does not appear on IVE’s “M Countdown” stage this week

IVE members fought for the chance to be shown on “M Countdown” thumbnail.

On April 27th, the Youtube channel “Mnet K-POP” uploaded a video titled “IVE playing I AM Ground. You get eliminated if your name is called”.


The video showed IVE members playing ‘I Am Ground’ game to choose the member to appear on the thumbnail of their “M Countdown” performance video.

Before starting the game, Jang Won Young, who was not confident in ‘I Am Ground’, confessed, “I’m really bad at this game”. Liz chose the nickname ‘Kkamnyang’, Leeseo was ‘Ribbon’, Ahn Yu Jin was ‘puppy’, Jang Won Young picked ‘Cherry’, and Gaeul was ‘Squirrel’.

At first, the members seemed to be good at this game. However, as the pace got faster, Jang Won Young got eliminated first.


After a neck-and-neck battle with Ahn Yu Jin, Liz eventually won. 

Liz said, “I think our video will get a lot of views today because I won the thumbnail chance. I hope you enjoy watching our stage”.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “M Countdown”, featuring IVE’s performance, aired at 6 p.m. earlier today (April 27th).

Source: Naver

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