The shocking causes that made Zhao Wei’s career suddenly end after just one night

There are many “conspiracy theories” surrounding Zhao Wei’s case.

Zhao Wei is currently under an implicit ban. Up to now, many movies associated with her name have been removed, the super-topic hashtag has been deleted by Weibo, the actress’s name on platforms such as Tencent, Youku, … has also disappeared. 

What the public doesn’t understand is just what caused Zhao Wei’s career to almost collapse after one night. According to rumors from Chinese bloggers, Zhao Wei’s case is very serious and involves many people. Her past scandals erupted in the wake of China’s current purging of the entertainment industry that caused her to be banned.

But what is the real reason that caused Zhao Wei to fall into such an unexpected situation?

Dragged into Zhang Zhehan’s scandal

Many people believe that the case of the Han Zhu Gei Gei actress is linked to the scandal involving Zhang Zhehan, an artist managed by Zhao Wei.

After Zhang Zhehan was in trouble because of a political scandal, many sources affirmed that Zhao Wei would be the next person to be investigated by The National Radio and Television Administration. And now, this rumor has come true.

A series of shocking scandals in the past were suddenly dug up.

On the other hand, others believe that the actress’ terrible present situation is the result of a series of previous scandals, such as fabricating statistics and manipulating the stock market in 2017, which once shocked the public.

It was known that Zhao Wei’s and her husband’s wrongdoings had resulted in many people becoming bankrupt and living in poverty. Up to now, Zhao Wei has still been heavily scolded by the public as a result of this scandal.

Serious sensitive costume scandal

Images of sensitive clothing related to Zhao Wei’s serious problems in the past were also dug up by netizens. It is worth mentioning that after many years, this scandal is once again said to be the cause of the implicit ban on Zhao Wei.

Because this incident is quite comparable to the Zhang Zhenhan case, which involved political issues, the public believes that it’s the right time for Zhao Wei to face the consequences.

In summary, there is a slew of speculations regarding the eruptive end of Zhao Wei’s career. However, it is still necessary to wait for government organizations and important departments to clarify this incident.

Currently, the actress’s crew has remained silent amid the drama. Rumors circulated that she had fled to France. The public was left perplexed by a series of controversies surrounding Zhao Wei.

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