Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 If you’re a K-pop fan but are not yet aware of these types of fans, check out this post so you can spot them!

 Every fandom has different people, but fans with bad behavior always exist.

 Possessive fans 

 This refers to obsessive fangirls of male idols, who think they ‘possess’ such male idols and would defend them no matter what.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 Not only present everywhere their idols are mentioned, this kind of fans are always willing to attack female idols regardless of facts or rumors.

 Assuming female idol A stands next to male idol B, these fans will not hesitate to leave hateful comments: “Hey girl, stay away from my idol!”, “Are you going to seduce him?”, “Such a fox who can’t live without a man!”… and many other horrible words just to protect their favorite Kpop boy from being surrounded by beautiful female idols.

 These fans can detect “danger” anywhere and are always ready to “gear up” to attack innocent victims at any time.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 A typical victim of these fans is Taeyeon. The moment the SNSD’s leader put her hand on Suho (EXO)’s shoulder made Suho’s fans turn into wolves immediately and did not hesitate to insult Taeyeon with hurtful words on social media.

 The “Who is this?” clan

 Scrolling through posts praising K-pop idols or pitting two idols against each other, you can easily see comments like, “Yeah, but who is this?”.

 In fact, these fans actually know who the idol mentioned in the post is, but they would still pretend not to. This ridiculous question has a hidden meaning: “He/She is not worth my attention”.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 This type of fan is hated by other K-pop fans for looking down on idols who are working hard to become more well-known. Typically, just recently, a fanpage posted an article that BTS attended the 2017 AMAs, and this “clan” had the opportunity to react with angry emoticons and repeatedly asked “Who is BTS?”, “Who knows BTS for them to appear here?”.

 Fans who specializes in body shaming

 Body shaming has always been an issue in K-pop, it has been criticized a lot but still exists by a part of fans who always put visuals over everything. For these fans, it’s not enough for idols to just be pretty, they want their idols to stay pretty in every millimeter.

 Victims of this group of fans include idols with substandard bodies, faces that have undergone plastic surgery or simply seem to have undergone surgery.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 Especially if the idol is chubby, they would criticize: “You’re too fat! Don’t you think you should lose weight?”  or “He looks like a pig!”. But if idols lost weight, they would leave even more negative comments and assert that idols… should stop losing weight.

 In a country where 7 out of 10 people have undergone plastic surgery, which is normal, but if idols had plastic surgery done, it would become a scandal.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 In their eyes, idols must have completely natural beauty, moreover, must be perfectly natural. Almost every idol has experienced hateful comments targeting their appearance no matter how nice they look.

 Fans who oppose idols dating 

 The power of this type of fan is not a joke, once they get jealous because of an idol dating, the effect would be explosive.

Worst types of Kpop fan that people cannot stand

 80% of idols these days are probably dating, even rookies. If they unfortunately got exposed by Dispatch, the couple is likely to break up eventually due to pressure.

 In response to the idol’s dating news, some overly obsessive fans will have a negative reaction. They could be crying, or worse, they went online to swear at and insult the couple. Some fans would even harm themselves and threaten to commit suicide. Only idols finally breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend would make these fans stop. Even when idols are over 30 years old, these fans are still determined to ban them from dating or “crossing the line” with friends of the opposite sex.

We can only use the phrase “hopeless” to describe these terrifying types of fans!

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