Kim Jong Kook suddenly got an anal test at a detention center while filming his new program 

Singer Kim Jong Kook will appear on the new entertainment show called “Authorized Personnel Only”.

SBS’s “Authorized Personnel Only”, which will air the first episode on January 5th, is a new program that unveils unknown stories by entering “No Access” areas where ordinary people cannot approach or look into them.

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Hyung and Lee Yi Kyung are the cast members. In addition, PD Lee Dong Won of “Unanswered Questions” and writer Kim Tae Hee, who created legendary entertainment shows, such as “Infinite Challenge” and “Radio Star”, are expected to introduce interesting content with their collaboration.

In episode 1, which will be broadcasted on January 5th, “Authorized Personnel Only” discloses the story of Seoul Southern Detention Center.

kim jong kook yang se hyung

During the recent recording, Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung were arrested on the scene the way real prisoners are arrested in court. After then, they went through all the official admission procedures before being put into a detention center.

The pre-release still cuts reveal Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung in the process of entering the detention center. Kim Jong Kook shocked everyone as he was seen wearing a blue gown and receiving an anal test. 

kim jong kook yang se hyung

In addition, Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung’s fearful faces when wearing prison uniforms and being tied up with a rope raise the tension.

It is also said that the two could not hide their shaky eyes at the interrogation when the prison guard asked, “Have you ever taken drugs?”.

SBS’s new entertainment program “Authorized Personnel Only”, which will show you the harsh atmosphere at a detention center, is set to premiere at 9 p.m. on January 5th.

Source: wikitree 

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