Jungkook’s ‘savage’ message to haters at BTS’ concert drew attention

Korean netizens applauded BTS Jungkook’s profound way of “dissing” anti-fans.

Recently, BTS held an online concert called PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.  Although there was no live audience, the 7 boys still delivered explosive performances.  In it, Jungkook took the spotlight not only because of his trendy new hair color and attractive appearance, but also through his ‘savage’ message sent to antifans.

bts jungkook

Specifically, before starting the “So What” performance, the youngest BTS member said, “I have something I want to say to the people who don’t like me.”  The members then asked what it was.  Immediately, Jungkook loudly shouted, “So what!“, and then joined the members to start the performance. 

Jungkook is one of the most popular members of BTS.  However, because of that, the number of his antifans is also extremely large.  Because of tattoos and piercings, he is often entangled in controversies, even being heavily criticized.  Not long ago, the male idol was still entangled in the “underground advertising” controversy, but his management agency said it was difficult to attribute this accusation to Jungkook.

Thus, Jungkook’s use of “So What,” a song that encourages listeners to enjoy life and pursue their dreams while ignoring criticism, is seen as a way of showing his attitude of not caring about the gossip surrounding him.

bts jungkook

Because this is one of the few times Jungkook has mentioned antifans directly, the young BTS member’s short but ‘savage’ message drew immediate attention. The majority of Korean netizens praised Jungkook’s coolness and expressed their support for him. They even think that only the loser is annoyed by the male idol’s message.

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