“Han So-hee? ITZY Ryujin?”, “The Veil” actress went viral with her look

Actress Kim Ji-eun is gaining attention due to her look that seems to resemble many other female celebrities. 

Kim Ji-eun currently plays the role of Yoo Je-yi the MBC-TV’s hit series “The Veil”.

The Veil Han So Hee Nam Goong Min
The Veil Han So Hee

In the series, Yu Je-yi is an employee of the National Intelligence Service’s on-site support team, a partner of the main character Han Ji-hyuk (Nam Goong Min). In the last episode on Oct 2nd, she shocked the audience with her dual appearance.

Amidst all of this, Kim Ji-eun’s appearance suddenly drew attention in the online community and major SNS due to her resemblance with many celebrities.

Celebrities that netizens have mentioned cover various fields, from actors to singers.

Among them, representative stars are actress Han So-hee and ITZY Ryujin. Photos comparing their’s appearance have been posted, receiving a lot of attention.

In addition, actors Lee Yeon-hee, Lee Yoo-ri, Seol-hyun, Son Na-eun, Brave Girls Yoo-jung, and LOONA Hyun-jin are also mentioned.

Han So Hee
Han So Hee

Thanks to the popularity of “The Veil”, she is gaining a lot of attention. 

Kim Ji-eun made her debut as an advertising model and appeared in series such as “Doctor Prisoner” and “Strangers from Hell”. 

Through “the Veil”, she had received the chance to showcase her high-density acting.

Sources: dispatch

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