Jungkook (BTS) bravely jumped into an aggressive crowd and got mobbed just to greet a handicapped fan

Jungkook (BTS) has trusted ARMY but was put into a dangerous situation by a crowd of agressive fans.

At their Paris show last night, Jungkook (BTS) melted the hearts of fans all around the world by bravely jumped off the stage to greet a fan on wheelchair and got surrounded by aggressive fans. The crowd wanted to get close to Jungkook which led to them aggressively pushing and jumping towards him. The securities have had to react in full force to solve the problem. Under the protection of the security men, Jungkook finally could reach and talk to the handicapped fan. This image makes fans soft and worried at the same time. The ARMY community are heavily criticizing the fan crowd that has caused such a serious situation.

Jungkook scared everyone by bravely jumped into the crowd to approach a fan on wheelchair

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The detail footage of Jungkook getting mobbed by the crowd when he was trying to approach the handicapped fan
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Jungkook was almost crushed by the crowd
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After Jungkook headed into the aggressive crowd to greet a handicapped fan

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Jungkook has uploaded bright and adorable photos to ensure fans that he was okay

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