Jung Jun Hoon mocked his sexual assaulted victim: “She just wants to sleep with celebrities”

The messages mocking their victim of group sexual assault of members of the ‘chat room’ that the singers Jung Jun Young and Choi Jong Hoon were in have been revealed.

On the SBS ‘A night of the celebrities’ broacasted on 22rd, A – a victim experienced sexual assault by the members of the ‘chat room’ was revealed. In the meantime, the members of the ‘chat room’ have been confirmed to have shared videos and pictures of the victim and even mocked her.

After she had known the existance of the ‘chat room’, she asked Choi Jong Hoon: “Did you do hidden camera on me?” but he replied, “I did not even talk about you.” and then “Let’s meet later.

However, in fact, he shared a lot of her pictures and audio files with Jung Jun Young and the other members in the group. Especially, Jung Jun Young even mockingly said: “This girl just wants to sleep with celebrities.

A angrily said : “How could they can do that to me when I even don’t remember anything” and “I’m so disgraced, I hope that all of them will be punished by law.

Sources: Nate

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