Jung Hae In showed 3 heart poses in front of the camera with “idol-like” proficiency

Actor Jung Hae In made a bright appearance on the red carpet with fan service “as good as a Kpop idol”.

On July 19th, the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards was held in Paradise City, Incheon, and actor Jung Hae In was among the prime attendees. 

At the award ceremony, Jung Hae In, who was nominated for Best Actor Award and won the Popularity Award, appeared in a unique hairstyle with rolled up bangs. 

The actor, who donned an all-black suit along with a bow tie, walked leisurely on the red carpet and made various heart poses with his hands, from finger hearts, hearts using both hands, a half heart using arms. In fact, Jung Hae In looked so bright and proficient at these heart poses, that people compare his fan service level to Kpop idols. 

Jung Hae In was nominated for Best Actor Award for his performance in “D.P”, alongside Lee Jung Jae (Squid Game), Lee Je Hoon (Move To Heaven), Kim Nam Gil (Through The Darkness), and Im Si Wan (Tracer). 

While Jung Hae In did not manage to secure the Best Actor title (which was awarded to Lee Jung Jae), he was among the top contenders and expected to shine even brighter with the next season of his drama “D.P”. 

The Blue Dragon Series Awards, which was held for the first time this year, aims to honor domestic dramas and entertainment programs produced and invested by online video platforms (OTTs) like Netflix, Disney+, seezn, Apple TV+, Watcha, Wavve, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and TVING. 

Source: insight

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