The handwritten letter by CEO Bang Si-hyuk to BTS during their 3rd anniversary is going viral

A hand letter which was written by CEO Bang Si-hyuk for BTS’s 3rd anniversary is receiving a lot of responses online..

Recently, the online community posted the CEO’s letter on the internet.

Bang Si-hyuk’s handwritten letter was released on Naver V App in August 2016 through the episode “BON VOYAGE EP.7 The beagles’ experience in Finland”.

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The production team said to BTS members, “We’re here on a youth trip to celebrate your 3rd anniversary. It’s not luxurious, but we have all enjoyed the travel concepts that are loved by people in their 20s. Staffs from the agency that have helped you get to your positions today for the past three years have written you a handwritten letter.”

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Oh, really?” the crew handed a handwritten letter to the then shocked members of BTS saying, “It’s from your boss, Bang Si-hyuk.

Bang Si-hyuk’s handwritten letter started with “To, Seok Jin, Yoon Gi, Nam Joon, Ho Seok, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.”

When I first met you guys, you were all really young,” he wrote. “You guys were all different from each other, but you were all scared of something and we couldn’t match our eyes like you guys didn’t know how to look at me properly. I think I’ve pushed you guys a lot.

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“I still remember those days when I was so hard on you guys to match my ambitious standard, asking why you couldn’t believe in yourself and look further; when the goal that I pointed out was so far and borderless that made you kids couldn’t sleep.”, he continued. “But you kids still found a way and run further, fly higher than the goal I have set“, he wrote with a thankful tone.

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I realized at some point as I walked with you. That your anxiety is another face of urgency, that it kept you up all night practicing and pushing yourself horribly beyond the limits. And now I can take a step back and see you guys moving forward,” he cheered for the boys.

He continued with his letter, “Now that I don’t even have to point my finger to somewhere, you’re flying out of your league with your own power, and you’re going beyond where I didn’t dare to hope for, so thank you.

Finally, he said, “I’ll save the other praise for another time because you guys know, I’m an ambitious person. So let’s leave it for June 12th, a year later, or 3 years, when you guys have become the best in this world. On that day I will look into your eyes and say to each one of you that thank you for being together, thank you for bringing us here, thank you for dreaming…written in May 2016, one month before you kids’ debut anniversary. Bang Si-hyuk”.

Three years after Bang Si-hyuk’s letter, BTS really became a world-class idol group, and Bang CEO received the president’s award in 2017 for making BTS a global idol.

Sources: dispatch

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