The 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards: The Popular Star Awards were received by 6 actors, “D.P” was honored with Best Drama 

“D.P.” was announced as the final winner of Best Drama.

The 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards, the first award ceremony targeting streaming series content in Korea, was held on the evening of July 19th. The Popular Star Award was awarded to 6 celebrities, such as Jung Hae-in, Han Hyo-joo, Kang Daniel, etc. While “D.P” was honored with the Best Drama at the award ceremony, Best Actor and Best Actress went to “Squid Game” Lee Jung-jae and “Yumi’s Cells” Kim Go-eun.

A total of 6 actors/ actresses and entertainers were awarded the Popular Star Award. They were Jung Hae-in, Han Hyo-joo, Kang Daniel, Lee Yong-jin, Park Jae-chan, and Park Seo-ham.

Jung Hae-in greeted, “This award is more meaningful to me since it’s my first award at the Blue Dragon Series Awards. I want to express my gratitude to my fans”. Han Hyo-joo shared, “I’m really surprised because I didn’t expect to receive such an award. I feel so happy and thankful. Greeting you at an award ceremony after such a long time, today is already so meaningful to me. I think it has become a better day since I received a big award. I will work harder and show you better performances.”

Kang Daniel shared, “I’m so thankful that I was able to receive this award in front of so many great seniors. Thank you so much, my fans. I will become a Kang Daniel who can show you more diverse and amazing performances in the future”. Lee Yong-jin said, “Thank you for giving me the Popular Star Award. I’m really happy. When asked to choose the most popular National MC among Yoo Jae-seok sunbae, Kang Ho-dong sunbae and Shin Dong-yeop sunbae, I answered Dong-yeop hyung and put myself in an uncomfortable situation so I want to shake myself off with this award”, drawing laughter.

Park Jae-chan also took the stage and said, “I’m still bewildered because of so many changes that came to me in less than a year. Thank you ‘Semantic Error’ for giving me the chance to receive the Popular Star Award. Thank you Seo-ham hyung, who cannot be here to receive this award with me, as well as my family and DKZ members.”

The Best Actor and Best Actress in the drama category were given to “Squid Game” Lee Jung-jae and “Yumi’s Cells” Kim Go-eun. 

The two took the stage and shared their feelings. Lee Jung-jae said, “It is no exaggeration to say that I’m living my third life with ‘Squid Game’. Thank you Netflix, ‘Squid Game’ production team. Thank you the viewers in Korea and all over the world for showing so much support and love for the drama. Jung Woo-sung, our company’s CEO, I won an award!. Artist Company fighting!”. 

Kim Go-eun also delivered her thoughts, saying “I used to win a Rookie award at the Blue Dragon Awards and it happened again exactly 10 years later so this award is even more meaningful to me”, adding “I hope you will enjoy the drama until the end. It’s been a while since I last received an award. Thank you so much. I will continue to work hard and grow more in the future.”

Last but not least, the Best Drama was awarded to Netflix’s original series “D.P”. Director Han Joon-he shared, “We were still filming the drama until this morning. Thank you for giving us this honorable award. Thank you to all the staff, Climax Studio, Netflix executives and employees. In fact, if actor Jung Hae-in hadn’t agreed to star in this scenario, this work wouldn’t have been introduced. There are always happy and sad moments during the process of making dramas and movies, but I will do my best to produce the best work without worrying about such feelings.”

CEO of Climax Studio Byun Seung-min also shared, “Thank you to Netflix officials who gave me so much support that I was able to make this work. Thank you to writer Kim Bo-tong for writing such an amazing story, the actors and the director. We’re still filming it and we will do our best to repay the warm support and love from the viewers who enjoyed the work. Thank you.”

Source: daum

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