Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon and Tiffany in the newest episode of Soshi Tamtam (ft. Son Seok-gu’s picture), “I really don’t know this person at all” 

Hyoyeon did not know the name of actor Son Seok-gu while playing the memory game in the newest episode of Soshi Tamtam.

In the 3rd episode of JTBC’s ‘Sosi Tam Tam’, which aired on the evening of July 19, Girls’ Generation’s participation in the three extreme missions was revealed.

The third mission was a ‘memory game‘, and as the girls have a trip through the alpine coaster on a monorail, they had to memorize the pictures of 10 celebrities that were shown along the ride. Hyoyeon, as the first member to play the game, lowered her expectations by saying, “The actors will have an advantage. I can barely memorize my group members’ names.”

The 10 people in the photo were Kang Ho-dong, Kim Young-cheol, Son Seok-gu, Lee Hyo-ri, Code Kunst, Jo Jung-suk, Doo-li, Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Yong-jin, and Eugene in that order.  The first runner, Hyoyeon, went past the photos and smiled dejectedly, “Oh, I’m screwed. Screwed.”  Hyoyeon can only remember the names of Kang Ho-dong and Kim Young-cheol, and when the picture of Son Seok-gu appeared, she said, “Who is he? I really don’t know his name.

Hyoyeon shouted at Yuri, “There are a lot of people that I don’t know.”  Yuri mistook Kim Young-cheol for Lee Soo-man. Hyoyeon said, “I don’t know his name, what should I do?” After that, Hyoyeon couldn’t recognize Son Seok-gu who was in third place, so she answered, “I really don’t know this person at all,” and was eliminated immediately. Tiffany also looked at the pictures of Seok-gu Son and Lee Yong-jin and said, “I’m so sorry (I don’t know)” and moved on.

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