Jun Ji Hyun and other K-drama actresses that robbed hearts with their flowy long hairs

Flowy long hairs can be lethal weapons when they are adorned by these drop-dead gorgeous actresses. 

IU (Hotel Del Luna)  

IU and her long hair in “Hotel Del Luna”. 

IU is iconic as the strong, independent, badass, and seemingly wealthy hotel owner Jang Man Wol of “Hotel del Luna”. With her long hair, the idol-actress tested out a wide range of hairstyles in this role of hers. 

IU looking regal in a bun. 

The classiness of IU’s character not only comes from her luxurious wardrobe but also from her versatile hairstyles. All of these elements really contribute to the regal and powerful aura of this female lead. 

The idol-actress exuded power with her hair down. 

Park Min Young (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) 

whats wrong with secretary kim
Park Min Young rocked her long silky hair

Park Min Young always keeps her hair long in series set in the modern day. In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”, the actress managed to stand out in her simple ponytail and the few times she let her hair down. 

Park Min Young’s character with her hair down. 

Park Min Young’s character in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” totally stole hearts with her feminine, yet formal, office style. It’s totally understandable why her boss fell head over heels for her. 

With such sexy long hair, Park Min Young swooned the male lead, as well as most of the audience. 

Moon Ga Young (Find Me In Your Memory) 

moon ga young
Moon Ga Young was the embodiment of classiness with her long, wavy hair. 

While Moon Ga Young garnered the most attention for her role in school romance K-drama “True Beauty”, her character styling in “Find Me In Your Memory” was a total heartthrob. 

moon ga young
The actress looked extremely chic and eye-catching in this fit and long hair. 

In this role as a celebrity, Moon Ga Young took to a long, wavy hairstyle that easily drew eyes. Her mature makeup style and elegant outfit also highlight further the actress’s visuals. 

moon ga young
Even a low ponytail, the beauty of Moon Ga Young can sweep people off their fits. 

Son Ye Jin (Crash Landing On You)

Son Ye Jin-Thirty Nine
With her long hair, Son Ye Jin can look like a cold-hearted business woman. 

While Son Ye Jin’s latest appearance was in the melodrama “Thirty Nine”, it was her styling in “Crash Landing On You” that stood out the most. Alongside her character’s iconic and feminine fashion sense, the long silky hair was also a great charm. 

Son Ye Jin-Thirty Nine
Or a soft-hearted country lady. 
Son Ye Jin-Thirty Nine
Who will be able to withstand such overwhelming beauty? 

With long, soft curls that flew gently amid the wind, Son Ye Jin truly proved herself as one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. 

No wonder her husband Hyun Bin can’t take his eyes off the actress. 

Han So Hee (The World Of The Married) 

the world of married
Han So Hee was a true beauty in “The World Of The Married” 

Han So Hee might not be the female lead of “The World Of The Married”, but she sure looked like one with the best styling up to date. With long, thick, and light brown hair, Han So Hee easily stole the hearts of the audience, as well as that of the female lead. 

the world of married
Despite being the series’ villain, people couldn’t help but fall for her. 

While the actress’s acting in “The World Of The Married” still drew mixed reactions, even haters couldn’t refute Han So Hee’s visuals. 

the world of married
A fatally charming villain whose beauty overshadowed her wrong actions. 

Song Hye Kyo (Now, We Are Breaking Up)

Song Hye Kyo’s long hair in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” should be recorded in the history books. 

“Now, We Are Break Up” may have received negative opinions for its poorly executed plot, but Song Hye Kyo’s appearance was completely showered in praise. 

Such jaw-dropping visuals simply have no rivals. 

In long wavy hair and curtain bangs, Song Hye Kyo looked way younger than her age, and fitting of her character profile as a senior fashion designer. Even with her hair messily tied up, the actress’s beauty was one of a kind. 

Jun Ji Hyun (Legend of The Blue Sea) 

legend of the sea
Jun Ji Hyun and her gorgeous appearance in “Legend of The Blue Sea”

With Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun as its main cast, the fantasy romance drama “Legend of The Blue Sea” drew attention way before it aired. While the series itself got mixed reviews, everyone had to agree that Jun Ji Hyun looked absolutely gorgeous throughout it all. As a mermaid unaware of human customs, the actress’s simple long, dark hair boasted intense naive and surreal charms. 

legend of the sea
Jun Ji Hyun’s long hair totally fitfed the image of an unaware mermaid.

In the series, Jun Ji Hyun looked not a day over 20. 

legend of the sea
Even with messy hair tousled by the wind and tangled with leaves, Jun Ji Hyun was a true visual queen.  

Eugene (Penthouse 2) 

Eugene’s long hair in season 2 of hit series “Penthouse”

Eugene had her hair cut short through the entire season 1, so the audience was blown away at her long hair appearance in season 2. The red undertone also greatly highlighted the actress’ fair skin. 

Eugene greatly surprised the audience with long hair in “Penthouse 2”

With such visuals, Eugene seemed to be born for long, flowy hair. Compared to her short hair look, the actress looked much younger and more classy in her new appearance, and every moment of her in season 2 could shock people with overflowing visuals. 

Even while desperate, Eugene’s character was undoubtedly a top beauty. 

Jeon Yeo Been (Vincenzo) 

jeon yeo bin
Jeon Yeo Been as the cold yet quirky lawyer Hong Cha Young of “Vincenzo” 

It’d be a mistake to leave Jeon Yeo Been’s character in “Vincenzo”  out of a list for best long hair looks. While her hair was kept mostly straight and simple, Jeon Yeo Been managed to look like a serious and mighty woman, who was capable of handling her own business. 

The actress looked even more powerful in full black and sunglasses. 

Whenever the actress flipped her hair before going into action, she totally dominated the scene. Even the male lead Vincenzo better look out during those moments. 

With long hair tightly combed into a ponytail, Jeon Yeo Been’s Hong Cha Young was not something to be messed with. 

Seo Ye Ji (It’s Ok To Not Be Okay)

Seo Ye Ji proved that a simple hairstyle was enough to slay. 

Played by Seo Ye Ji, the storybook writer Go Moon Young of “It’s Ok To Not Be Okay” stole the spotlight wherever she goes with overwhelming confidence and pure arrogance. Of course, such a fashionable lady also never fell short on her hairstyle. 

With long hair, the actress also tested out various hairstyles like bundled…

From letting her hair fly free, bundled, or braided, Go Moon Young experimented with various outstanding looks, and Seo Ye Ji’s long hair played a strong part in this.  

… or braided. 

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