Sandara Park boasts “sibling chemistry” with Rain after extramarital affair rumors 

2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed her friendly relationship with Rain 

On October 13th, Sandara Park posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “With the one and only @rain_oppa #Season_ B_ season”.

Sandara Park Bi rain

In the published photos, Rain and Sandara Park made various affectionate poses. As it turns out, the two took photos while preparing for their appearance on Rain’s YouTube channel “Season B Season”. In a photo, Rain showed off his handsome appearance with a bright smile while looking at the camera, while in another, he put his hand on Sandara Park’s shoulder, exuding a chemistry like close brother and sister.

Sandara Park

In addition, Sandara Park also posted photos of herself on the same set, showing off her beautiful visual and slender body in various poses and attracted attention at once.

On the other hand, Sandara Park is currently appearing alongside Park So Hyun in the web entertainment program “Sisters Who Don’t Taste Rice” (literal translation). Meanwhile, Rain recently suffered a lot of damage from rumors of an extramarital affair. In response, Rain announced that he would take strong legal action, saying that the rumors were “obviously false”, and implied that he is still as happy as ever with his wife, famous actress Kim Tae Hee

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