Lee Young-ae: “I started SNS late, but it’s fun, will keep communicating with fans while raising my kids” [27th BIFF]

Actress Lee Young-ae said she was communicating with fans through SNS, adding, “I started SNS late, but it was fun.”

Lee Young-ae said at the Actors House held at the KNN Tower KNN Theater in Udong, Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of Oct 13th, “I don’t do SNS often, but I want to continue communicating through SNS,” adding that she enjoys playing on Instagram.

lee young ae

Actors House is a section in which contemporary Korean actors that are known for both their acting and star characters tell in-depth stories about their acting and works. At the Busan Film Festival, the entire proceeds of the event will be donated to Save the Children to practice good deeds. This year, Lee Young-ae, Kang Dong-won, Ha Jung-woo Ha, and Han Ji-min joined to communicate with their fans.

lee young ae

Lee Young-ae, who visited Busan after a long time, said, “I opened my SNS when I reunited with the audience through the movie ‘Find Me,’ which was after a long time since I got married and gave birth. I started too late, but it was fun,” she said. “Of course, I didn’t care much when I raised my children, but I was bored for three hours when I was on my way down to Busan. Time went by quickly thanks to SNS (laughter). It was kinda fun to be able to communicate with fans on the way. I can’t do it often because I’m raising my children, but I’ll continue to communicate through Instagram,” she vowed.

lee young ae

Meanwhile, Lee Young-ae, who debuted as a CF model in 1990, has been reborn as a Korean Wave star through dramas such as “Asphalt Man” (1995), “The Reason I Live” (1997), “Fire” (2000), and “Dae Jang Geum” (2003). She was also active on the silver screen with director Park Chan-wook’s “JSA” (2000), “Lady Vengeance” (2005), and “One Fine Spring Day” (2001). Recently, she showed off the ability to digest her character once again through the drama “Inspector Koo” (2021) and the movie “Bring Me Home” (2019).

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