Kim Jong-kook admired HYBE’s welfare after hearing this from LE SSERAFIM 

Kim Jong-kook was impressed by what LE SSERAFIM said about HYBE.

On October 13th, a video titled “Idols in their 20s and Idol who debuted 27 Years Ago (ft. LE SSERAFIM)” was posted on the YouTube channel “GYM JONG KOOK”.

The video showed LE SSERAFIM visiting Kim Jong-guk‘s house and talking to him.

When asked what kind of exercise they usually does when going to the company’s gym, LE SSERAFIM replied, “We do a lot of back and lower body exercises.”

kim jong kook le sserafim

In response, Kim Jong-guk was amazed, saying, “You do the same thing as I usually emphasize.”

When Kim Jong-guk asked, “Is the PT an employee there or he was hired personally?” LE SSERAFIM replied that he was an employee.

kim jong kook le sserafim

Then Kim Jong-guk admired, “HYBE has really good welfare.”

When Kim Jong-guk asked, “Even though you have a PT, do you have any questions about exercising?” Kim Chae-won said, “I usually eat well, so when I have to lose weight or there’s a body part I have to take care of, I can’t get a sense of diet.”

kim jong kook le sserafim

In response, Kim Jong-guk said, “If you are going to diet while exercising, you must eat carbohydrates,” and advised, “It is good to eat brown rice.”

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