Judo athlete Jung Ye-rin, who won bronze medal at Asian Games “She appeared on ‘Hyori’s Homestay 2’ with YoonA”

Singer-actress YoonA sent a congratulatory message to national judo representative Jung Ye-rin for winning a bronze medal

On Sep 25th, YoonA posted on her Instagram story, “Congratulations! You’re cool, Ye-rin.”

YoonA also shared a screenshot of an article reporting Jung Ye-rin’s bronze medal win and a capture from JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay 2”, which aired in 2018.

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YoonA worked as an employee on “Hyori’s Homestay” Season 2 and formed a connection with the judo athletes who stayed there. Despite 5 years passing since the broadcast, YoonA’s warm congratulations to Jung Ye-rin touched viewers’ hearts.

Jung Ye-rin expressed gratitude through her Instagram, “Thank you for not forgetting and congratulating me.

She appeared on 'Hyori's Homestay

Netizens who saw their interaction left comments such as “YoonA’s judo friends already made it to the national team?” and “YoonA still remembers the judo team. She’s amazing, and athlete Jung Ye-rin is great too.

Meanwhile, on Sep 24th, Jung Ye-rin defeated Kazakhstan’s Galiya Tynbayeva and won the bronze medal in the 52kg division of women’s judo at the Hangzhou Asian Games held at Xiaoshan Linpu Gymnasium, Hangzhou, China.

YoonA is gearing up for the release of the movie “2 O’Clock Date” after the end of JTBC’s “King the Land”.

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