From BLACKPINK to Stray Kids, Taylor Swift’s Enthusiastic Reactions to Kpop Stars’ Performances at MTV VMAs Captured

Taylor Swift’s lively responses to BLACKPINK and Stray Kids at the MTV VMAs go viral.

Taylor Swift never fails to capture the spotlight with her reactions to Kpop idols at the MTV VMAs.

In recent years, the MTV Video Music Awards have been turning heads by featuring Kpop artists in the lineup. And each year, fans eagerly anticipate Taylor Swift’s legendary reactions to these performances.

Last year, Taylor Swift couldn’t resist grooving along to BLACKPINK’s electrifying performance at the 2022 MTV VMAs. BLACKPINK was the first Kpop female act to grace the VMA stage, wowing the audience with their Pink Venom stage.

Under the stage, Taylor Swift was dancing to BLACKPINK’s song and even singing along in Korean. A video of her reaction went viral on Twitter at the time.


Taylor Swift even used Pink Venom’s catchy chorus as the sound for her video teaser for her MTV VMAs red carpet appearance. During her concert, “The Eras Tour,” in March, the infectious beat of Pink Venom by BLACKPINK unexpectedly pumped up the crowd, fueling speculations that Taylor Swift personally chose the track to hype up the atmosphere in the stadium.

Fast forward to August 2023, Stray Kids was part of the lineup of performers at the MTV VMAs. Taylor Swift was in the audience, and her reactions stole the show once again.

As Stray Kids delivered their song “S-Class,” nominated for Best Kpop at the VMAs, Taylor Swift was visibly stunned by the powerful performance. She enthusiastically danced along, completely in sync with the beats, showing off her support for Kpop talents.

stray kids

Taylor Swift’s genuine enthusiasm for Kpop artists continues to resonate with fans and ignite hopes of seeing her collaborations with Kpop idols in the future. Whether it’s BLACKPINK or Stray Kids, Taylor Swift’s infectious energy knows no bounds when it comes to celebrating Kpop artists.

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