Lee Yi Kyung confessed he is dating former Lovelyz Mi Joo?

On Shin Bong Sun’s channel, Lee Yi Kyung and Shin Bong Sun had a fast and fantastic dialogue about various topics. 

On December 29th, a new video featuring Lee Yi Kyung, who is appearing on the TV program “Hangout with Yoo”, was uploaded to Shin Bong Sun’s YouTube channel. 

Here, the actor showed off his loyalty by saying that he is aware that he won’t be paid for his appearance, and that he never intends on receiving it even if Shin Bong Sun gives him. 

Lee Yi-kyung

Then, Shin Bong Sun said, “There is a gift,” and announced that the appearance fee was “one lottery ticket”. At this, Lee Yi Kyung, a former “Lottery King”, said, “Don’t do that. Go with our flow. Don’t do this.” In response, Shin Bong Sun explained, “I didn’t prepare it specifically for you, it was originally given.”

Lee Yi Kyung then expressed his pleasure about filming for Shin Bong Sun’s channel, claiming that he feels good because the comedian called him quickly. 

In response, Shin Bong Sun also expressed her gratitude towards the actor and insisted he give her a lottery number. 

Lee Yi-kyung

Also, when asked, “What will you do if you win the lottery?”, Lee Yi Kyung answered that he will give it to Shin Bong Sun. “There is a fixed amount that I think I can earn, so I don’t regard lottery money as my moment. A brother I know told me that people have a fixed amount of money to earn in their life” the actor said. 

Shin Bong Sun then inquired if the older brother mentioned is a monk, adding that she is into shamanism and that she always wears a gold necklace since her fortune lacks gold. At this, Lee Yi Kyung nodded and said, “I’m wearing red underwear.” Hearing this, Shin Bong Sun showed her admiration, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve met a kid like you. You seem like a rare character.”

Lee Yi-kyung

In the meantime, it was time for Lee Yi Kyung to leave, and the actor announced he would go in 20 minutes. Shin Bong Sun asked him to say, but the actor explained that his next schedule is to meet fellow “Hangout with Yoo” member Mi Joo. As a result, Shin Bong Sun mentioned the ongoing dating rumor and inquired, “But what is the true relationship of you two?”, to which Lee Yi Kyung replied, “I am dating Mi Joo”, surprising everyone. 

Shin Bong Sun then inquired about Lee Yi Kyung’s thoughts about Mi Joo, to which Lee Yi Kyung described, “She’s such a nice person and is witty in speaking. I’m so thankful.

lee mi joo

Finally, as Lee Yi Kyung went on a rant, Shin Bong Sun jokingly told him to go. The actor then said that if the video does well, he wants to do another video. Shin Bong Sun then said, “If this video surpasses 200,000 views, I will force you to come even if you don’t want to.” 

Afterwards, Shin Bong Sun said, “Please go, Mi Joo is waiting”, and told Lee Yi Kyung to greet her in her stead. She also advised Lee Yi Kyung to take care of himself like how he always take care of other people and his work. 

Source: Daum

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