K-drama “Big” turns 10 this year: How is the cast doing? 

Here are the current whereabouts of Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Suzy,… 10 years after “Big” aired. 

10 years ago, in June 2012, the fantasy romance drama “Big” premiered. “Big” follows Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho), a high school student who has his soul swapped with doctor Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), his teacher’s fiancé, in an accident. 

Besides having a fun plot, “Big” also stars a lineup of famous actors including Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Suzy, and Shin Won Ho. Let’s see how these actors are doing after a decade.

Gong Yoo

In “Big”, Gong Yoo transformed into two characters, a mature doctor, and a mischievous high school boy in the body of a grown man. When he was cast in “Big”, Gong Yoo was already a top actor thanks to the success of “Coffee Prince”. 

Since “Big”, Gong Yoo has continued to expand his impressive filmography and landed roles in successful works such as “Goblin”, “Train to Busan”,… He recently starred in “The Silent Sea”, “Seo Bok”, and “Squid Game”. 

Gong Yoo is now 43 and assumed to still be single. As an A-lister of the industry, he is loved not only for his good looks and talent, but also his spotless personal life with zero controversy.

Lee Min Jung

In “Big”, Lee Min Jung plays Gil Da Ran, a kindhearted and pretty high school teacher. She is about to get married to a handsome doctor but things take a complete turn when one of her students gets into the body of her husband-to-be.

Before “Big”, Lee Min Jung gained much attention for her supporting role as the charming and fearless chaebol daughter Lee Jae Kyung in the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”. 

After “Big”, Lee Min Jung joined the cast of multiple dramas and movies. Her outstanding works after “Big” were “Cunning Single Lady”, “Come Back Mister” and “Once Again”. In 2013, she got married to top actor Lee Byung Hun. 


Suzy took on the role of Jang Ma Ri, the beautiful, cute girl that made Kyung Joon fall in love.

At the time of this role, Suzy was already a popular member of Miss A and a rookie in the Korean film industry. Previously, she attracted attention thanks to the role of Ko Hye Mi in “Dream High” and was dubbed the “national first love” when starring in Architecture 101.

After Big, Suzy’s acting career has been on the rise. She constantly starred in big drama projects, and caused stirred all over Asia.

Suzy’s typical works are: Gu Family Book, Uncontrollable Love, When She Sleeps, Vagabond, Start-Up,… In particular, Suzy recently demonstrated to the public her acting growth through the project Anna.

Suzy is presently single after being involved in dating rumors with famous actors like as Lee Min Ho and Lee Dong Wook. She is now a well-known female celebrity throughout Asia, whose beauty is often lauded by the media and the public.

Shin Won Ho

Won Ho portrayed the young, vivacious Kyung Joon. After switching souls with Doctor Yoon Jae, he got “aged,” and he was thrust into a series of weird and hilarious situations.

Won Ho was a “newbie” in the acting industry when he starred in Big. Ten years later, his career is not much better, Won Ho is still a little-known actor.

Later, he appeared in famous projects such as: Legend of the Blue Sea, Risky Romance, … but all played supporting roles. Recently, he appeared in blockbuster 6/45 with a supporting role.

Source: dienanh.net

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