Idol-turned-male and female singers caught on a secret late-night date

A couple of idol-turned singers were spotted enjoying a late-night date together.

The couple spent their sweet time together at home late at night, avoiding the eyes of others.


In the released photos, they were captured on the balcony engaging in skinship and spending romantic moments.

On May 10 (local time), Taiwanese media ETtoday released photos of former idols Ivy Li and Wu Fei on their late-night date.


It was reported that the couple was caught on camera by a magazine reporter on April 28.

Ivy Li had a concert that day and headed towards a residential area in Xindian City alone in her car after the concert ended.

This was Wu Fei’s place. Ivy’s outfit in the photo was the same as the outfit she wore on stage that day, suggesting that she headed straight to Wu Fei’s house without changing clothes.

The couple enjoyed sweet moments on the balcony, embracing each other and even sharing a kiss on Ivy’s thigh.


The photo caused some minor controversy as Wu Fei was captured smoking and flicking his cigarette butt towards the lower floor.

Ivy’s agency has refrained from commenting on the scandal, releasing a statement that they are focusing on her as an artist, instead of her personal life, and will not disappoint the fans.

Source: insight 

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