A girl group member who gets embroiled in nationality controversy because her pronunciation is so bad

Oh My Girl Mimi is emerging as an entertainment star by appearing on the variety show “Earth Arcade”.

Although she has been an idol for 8 years, she has never shown that aspect well on variety shows, so even her inaccurate pronunciation is giving fresh fun. She is even said to have an alien language-level pronunciation.

Mimi revealed that she was told not to act cute when she was in elementary school, and that there was even a nationality controversy in which people claimed that her pronunciation is not good because she is not Korean. Once again, we need to explain that she is a rapper.

Mimi’s pronunciation difference between when she raps and when she speaks is quite significant. Her pronunciation is clearer when she raps. She said she put on her “identity as a rapper” whenever rapping.

Unlike her inaccurate pronunciation in everyday life, she shows off her wonderful charisma and skills on stage with the thought “I need to pull myself together now“.

Mimi is appearing on JTBC’s music entertainment show “The Second World“, which first aired on Aug 30th. She is now taking up new challenges as a vocalist rather than a rapper.

Source: daum

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