Jo Se Ho and G-Dragon are certified best friends, proven through new photos

TV personality Jo Se Ho showed off his close friendship with BIGBANG G-Dragon in a recent SNS update.

On April 14th, Jo Se Ho posted several photos on his personal Instagram with the caption “KWONDO IN TOKYO.”

Earlier, Jo Se Ho was invited to a dinner party hosted by G-Dragon. Among the recently-published photos, there was also a selfie of Jo Se Ho with G-Dragon taken at said party, proving their close friendship.


Meanwhile, netizens who saw the photos expressed their surprise at this friendship. They thus left comments such as, “Wow, invited by G-Dragon”, “They’re really close”, “I’m so jealous”, and “What’s the secret behind Se Ho’s friendship with G-Dragon?”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has been gifting the KwonDo – limited edition shoes that came from his collaboration with Nike, to only close friends, every time they are released. Jo Se Ho has repeatedly received these gifts, certifying his friendship with G-Dragon. 

Source: Nate 

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