HYBE and YG Entertainment collaborate to release the “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN” project 

A Korean textbook with the theme of a day with BLACKPINK was born in a collab between HYBE Edu and YG Ent.

On March 2nd, HYBE Edu announced that BLACKPINK‘s Korean textbook “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN” will be released on March 7th, and that online reservations will begin today. “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN” is a Korean language learning textbook based on the storyline that a BLACKPINK’s fan, “BLINKY,” is invited to BLACKPINK’s house and spends a day there.

In particular, the textbook is characterized to increase interest and immersion in studying Korean by applying words and expressions frequently used by BLACKPINK members in their original video content as content units as well as the animated main character and BLACKPINK members.

It is also noteworthy that the project systematically encourages learning through different kits including two textbooks (a.m., p.m.), pocketbooks, role play kits, Hangul keyboard stickers linked to QR code-based video contents (in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian), such as animation, shadowing videos, and quizzes as well as the Motipen to correct the learner’s pronunciation.

This is a new work in the “Learn! KOREAN” series following the versions of BTS and Tinytan, suggesting that it will serve as a new foundation to meet the wide demand of K-pop Hallyu fans along with the multifaceted use of artist IP.

BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN” will be released in a total of two types: a global edition (English version) and a Chinese edition. The global edition will be sold at Weverse Shop, YG SELECT, and K-pop fandom commerce platform KTOWN4U, while the Chinese edition will be sold at KTOWN4U. The Motipen is also available at Weverse Shop, YG SELECT, and KTOWN4U.

HYBE Edu said, “Through the ‘Learn! KOREAN’ series, we are using BLACKPINK IP, the first non-HYBE external artist to release such Korean textbooks” and explained, “This package, which was created in collaboration with YG Entertainment, organized the curriculum by selecting expressions that the artists actually use in high frequency in their daily lives.” He then said, “We expect that many overseas learners who love BLACKPINK will be able to further increase their satisfaction through this package.”

Meanwhile, HYBE Edu is an educational company based on artist IP and content which has launched the “Learn! KOREAN” series with BTS in August 2020, and continues to introduce new learning content and technology so that fans around the world can effectively learn the language and culture of the artists they support.

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