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Jo Kwon heavily criticized a trainee on “R U Next?”, “Why is she here?”

A trainee on the audition program “R U Next” received harsh criticisms from Jo Kwon, who acts as a mentor. 

On the July 21st episode of audition program “R U Next”, 21 trainees are divided into three units for the 3rd round, “All-Arounder” mission. They also performed the 1st “Heel Choreo” mission and the 2nd “Hip Hop” mission. However, Jo Kwon heavily criticized a trainee during the mission’s evaluation.

In this episode, the results for Yewon’s Unit were announced. Haseul, who had the lowest score, received 462 points, while Jeemin was the highest-scoring trainee with 613 points. In her interview, Jeemin said, “Even though I received good evaluations individually, it doesn’t mean our team will win, so I couldn’t be completely happy.”

R U Next

Meanwhile, Seoyeon’s Unit distributed their parts, with members aiming for the killing part and trying to show their charms. In the end, the killing part went to Iris. However, Iris repeatedly made mistakes and was unable to hit the right notes. Iris even expressed while practicing that she wanted to quit.

As Iris’ mistakes continued during dance practice, Moa consoled her and told her that she should keep trying and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Later on, Iris suddenly stopped and went outside in the middle of practicing and confessed that she forgot the choreography and felt ashamed of herself. 

R U Next

Afterwards, the mid-evaluation for Seoyeon’s Unit was aired. Here, Jo Kwon told Iris, “You had no charm at all”. He later asked Himena and Iris to sing again, but Iris couldn’t sing, despite the help of Seoyeon, who acted as leader. 

As time went on, Jo Kwon raised his voice, saying, “Do we have to give her this much time? I really don’t understand. Can Iris do it?” Then, the mentor’s expression hardens as Iris continued to fail.

Upon seeing the stage of Seoyeon’s Unit, Jo Kwon continued to criticize Iris, asking why she keeps lagging behind the other trainees. At the same time, another mentor, Aiki, also questioned why Iris is there, saying, “I don’t understand why is she here? She should either try harder or quit.” 

In the end, Himena became the highest-scoring trainee with 611 points, while Iris received 413 points, the lowest among her unit. 

Source: Daum

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