Jisoo (BLACKPINK) showed off her immaculate visual at European fashion events 

All her appearances at these events captured every attention. 

Jisoo knows how to light up the stage at whatever event she takes part in. With a glowing visual and immaculate features, Jisoo becomes a “golden child” in the eyes of brands and is sought after in top fashion events. 

Jisoo Dior
Jisoo was at the 2022 “Paris Fashion Week,” sending social media into a frenzy with her high-class aura and princess-like image 
Jisoo sat side by side the CEO of Dior at the “Dior SS22 Show” in 2021 
CEO Pietro drew attention by stating that he would take her in if YG decided to fire her
Jisoo Blackpink paris fashion week
In September last year, Jisoo joined the “Paris Fashion Week” and was greeted by many audience 
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo was seated among the famous celebrities in a Burberry event in 2019 
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo was a sensation at the neoclassical Liria Palace for the “Cartier Beautés Du Monde” event
Jisoo also took part in the “Haute Couture” of Dior in Paris on January 23rd. She recreated the Audrey Hepburn look in a white dress and recognizable hairstyle 
Jisoo was seen along with Dior’s new CEO Delphine Arnault and actress Rachel Zegler at the front row 

Source: k14

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