Song Ji-hyo talked about her controversial haircut: “I’m having a hard time these days, I just wanted to change everything”

Actor Song Ji-hyo personally revealed the reason for her short haircut transformation that had caused a ruckus among her fans.  

Song Ji-hyo talked about her controversial haircut

On SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on Dec 26th, the members revealed their New Year’s fortune while Yoo Jae-seok was absent from filming due to self-quarantine. 

Song Ji-hyo sat in front of Oh Wang-geun, a professional fortune-teller, as the first customer. 

Oh Wang-geun said, “You are a flower that blooms in the middle of summer. The flower is so pretty. But there are a lot of knives next to you. Therefore, you are sensitive and blame yourself a lot. Your self-esteem has gone down a lot. In 2020 and 2021, the tree was almost broken. You got unlucky. You want to change everything. Luck will come in from this year. A different challenge that you need to face will come to you. I can also see Netflix. I can also see a large foreign company. Something will happen that can give you people’s applause and recognization.” 

Song Ji-hyo then said, “It’s been a little hard these days. That’s right, so I cut my hair. I want to change everything,” she said, revealing the reason why she decided to make such a big change to her hair. 

Song Ji-hyo talked about her controversial haircut

In response, Ji Seok-jin asked, “How is Jihyo’s love luck?” 

Oh Wang-geun, the fortune-teller, said, “Song Ji-hyo meets bad guys because she has no eyes for men. She’s a pure person. She will never cheat and can only see one man in her eyes. If a person like this falls for a man, she can’t think straight. So-min is rather good at seeing people. She can sense any things,” he said. 

Accordingly, Kim Jong-kook said, “That’s right. In the past, she once went out with a very bad guy,” to which Song Ji-hyo glared at him.


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