Jisoo always supports BLACKPINK members despite not yet having a solo song

Jisoo is the only member of BLACKPINK without an individual music project. However, she always took time to support the other members at their MV sets.

As the most popular girl group today, BLACKPINK has proven their talent in both music and fashion. Not only are they successful as BLACKPINK members, but the 4 girls also have impressive individual activities. After 5 years of debut, 3 out of 4 members respectively made their solo debut. Despite being the only member without a solo, BLACKPINK’s oldest member Jisoo still shows her support for other members. She always came to the MV sets to support Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie.

Jisoo always supports the members during their solo.

On September 10, BLACKPINK’s youngest member Lisa officially released the first solo album of her career with the title song LALISA. Thanks to the elaborate preparation, the MV makes fans extremely satisfied when Lisa constantly appears in many different outfits and backgrounds.

She even includes elements of Thai culture, making fans proud. As soon as the song was released, Jisoo posted many behind-the-scenes photos she took of Lisa.

Lisa wears a traditional Thai costume in the MV.

Jisoo’s lovely caption makes fans melt: “Our Lisa has released her solo song ‘LALISA’!  Everyone please support and love it a lot!  Lisa, you’ve worked so hard. I’m so proud of you. Love you!”. Jisoo has long been known for her affectionate and warm personality to everyone.  Many fans expressed their admiration for the close bond of Lisa and Jisoo.

Jisoo visited Lisa’s MV set.
Lisa taken by Jisoo.

Back in 2018, when Jennie first went solo, Jisoo also took care of her fellow member. Not only did she come to visit Jennie at the MV set, but Jisoo also went to the Inkigayo music show stage at 4 am to support Jennie. The kindhearted idol even prepared vitamin bottles with Jennie stickers for the dancers who contributed to Jennie’s performances.

Jisoo also told the PD to capture Jennie’s beauty well 

Sitting backstage, Jisoo attentively watched Jennie perform with proud eyes. It was not until she appeared on the show I Will Win You Over With My Channel that Jennie knew about the silent support of her BLACKPINK sister.  Unable to contain her emotions, Jennie burst into tears and said thank you, “I feel so grateful to the members but I can’t express it in words.”

Jennie took a photo with Jisoo at SOLO filming set.

Earlier this year, the main vocalist BLACKPINK also had her first solo album in her career. The oldest member Jisoo at that time was always the one who spent time on the set to support Rosé. Not only that, but she also ‘worked’ as a photographer to record Rosé’s beautiful behind-the-scenes images and post them on her personal Instagram.

Jisoo visit Rosé’s solo MV filming set

Despite the fact that she was unable to attend Rosé’s debut solo stage owing to her personal schedule, Jisoo gifted Rosé a giant lollipop with the letter R. Moreover, she was also extremely sweet when sticking stickers with Rosé’s image on the mini candy jars. Jisoo was always emotionally supportive of the other members of her group.

In BLACKPINK, only Jisoo has never had a personal music project. This made many fans feel sad. However, Jisoo has always been an honest, kind girl and a solid supporter of her bandmates despite the disadvantage she has to bear.

Although also busy with many personal schedules, Jisoo still takes time to go to the MV filming set to give strength to the members. She always shows her love through actions. Jisoo even burst into tears when Jennie injured her leg and took Lisa out almost every holiday so the maknae wouldn’t feel lonely.

This makes Jisoo’s fans even more proud of her – a girl with a beautiful personality who is always kind and sincere in her caring for others. Snowdrop, her debut film, is set to premiere later this year. Hopefully, Jisoo will reveal a whole new side of herself in the upcoming solo project.

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