Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had a problem as soon as they landed at the US airport, the beautiful actress took care of her husband, causing a fever on social media

Since they are not with their manager, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will take care of everything on their own during their honeymoon.

After a long flight, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin officially arrived in Los Angeles, the US in the early morning of April 12th. The newlyweds will begin their 11-day honeymoon here. As soon as he got off the airport, Hyun Bin continuously showed actions of protecting his wife when surrounded by a crowd of fans.

However, that is not the only problem the couple has encountered. According to SPOTV News, the couple could not call an acquaintance to pick them up, so they had to wait at the airport. At this time, the beautiful actress said: “They don’t answer the phone, I think we have to take a taxi“. Contrary to his wife’s worry, Hyun Bin calmly continued to call. After a while, a car came to pick up the famous couple.

hyun bin son ye jin
The famous actress was worried because they couldn’t call an acquaintance to come pick them up
hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin calmly called again

This is the couple’s private trip without a manager, so Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have to take care of everything by themselves. After a car came to pick them up, Hyun Bin himself also put the luggage into the trunk of the car. Seeing her husband struggling, Son Ye Jin immediately gave him some water to drink. Hyun Bin also looked back at his beloved wife with affection and began to chat, making fans on social media as well as fans present at the airport extremely excited.

It is known that on this trip, Hyun Bin himself will also drive Son Ye Jin to go out. According to a reporter from SPOTV News , everyone at the airport can feel the happiness of the newlyweds.

hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin personally carried the luggage into the trunk of the car
hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin gave her husband water as soon as she got into the car
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